Why you should be proud of your cool socks

Why you should be proud of your cool socks

Usually cotton socks are considered as the best. They are more resistant, it is easy to create fancy socks and the wearability is better but you should not underestimate the qualities of wool socks, particularly in winter.

There are a number of reasons why you should be proud of your wool socks, even if you must be careful not to abuse of washing machines and hand wash them to avoid ruining them. Even if you should not walk too much on a carpet because the friction might cause holes.

  • When it’s cold and wet cotton socks are simply not always appropriate and this is why at Via Calzabigi we have included some beautifully designed wool socks which are sent out during the coldest months.
  • First of all, wool is an effective insulator and the warmth the feet is maintained better even when feet are wet.
  • That doesn’t mean that your socks will sweat more. On the contrary, wool let the foot perspirate better and has the capability to adsorbs moisture.
  • Another important property of wool is related with the fact that it dries faster than cotton, forcing the wetness outside.
  • Speaking of smelly feet, wool actually has natural anti-bacterial properties which make life difficult for bacteria. In other words, wool socks are wrongly associated to smelly feet. Wool is in fact odor resistant.

 In conclusion, you should always have some wool socks in your drawers and of course make sure that they are made of quality wool blends.

They might be less resistant than cotton socks but, thanks to the above mentioned properties, you can wear them a few times before washing them.

Oh and by the way, we are not discrediting cotton at all, but f you are an outdoor enthusiast and it’s bloody freezing don’t tell us that you didn’t warn you!

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