Sleeping with socks on is just brilliant

Sleeping with socks on is just brilliant

First of all, wearing socks facilitates the sleep. The warmth allows the blood vessels to dilate and the brain gets the message that it is time to fall asleep. It has been proven that there is direct correlation between the dilation of the blood vessels located in the feet and the quickness of the sleep. Generally speaking the thing is simple. When the body warms up, our system reacts and tries to cool it to achieve a good temperature, and this favours a good night sleep.

It might sound weird but keeping your feet warm helps this natural refreshening reaction and it helps avoiding sweat or violent heat flashes. Events that clearly disturb the sleep.

Wearing socks when you sleep also helps fighting the Raynaud’s desease, a rare condition that impacts on the blood cells and can actually provoke pains or the death of the tissue. Regulating the body temperature prevents Raynaud’s disease dangerous attacks.

Wearing socks in bed is a great idea for people who suffer from dry skin. Another annoying condition which, especially during the cold months, can ruin your feet’s skin and cause horrible cracks. Aesthetics problems but also pains that can be avoided if you use a good quality moisturizing cream and then wear clean socks.A simple remedy to prevent your feet to get dry and have blisters.

Clearly there are several hygiene issues to be taken into account. Firstly, never ever wear the same socks you had on during the day but change them before going to bed. It is an important shrewdness to prevent bacteria to proliferate and then cause fungal infections or other problems that can damage your feet.

Wash your feet accurately before wearing your socks in another best practice and then make sure you dry them carefully, particularly the cavities between the toes.

Finally, make sure you wear the right type of socks. If they are too think or contain too much synthetic fibers they might get your body too hot and again, produce bacteria, sweat and bad odors.

In conclusion, even if nobody can admire your socks, it is important to wear quality ones, in organic cotton, combed or mercerized. And if you want to really have sweet dreams, than we have to advise you to try and sleep with a lovely pair of ViaCalzabigi!

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