Via Calzabigi socks: affordable luxury to reward your feet

Via Calzabigi socks: affordable luxury to reward your feet

We had the opportunity to shoot pictures of our socks with some very expensive shoes and accessories. It was so amazing to notice how our creations matched so perfectly with some of the extremely dapper shoes we selected.

We spent so much time designing socks that could inspire those who wear it and we imagined how they would look when coupled with other luxurious accessories and clothing.

Designing socks and be innovative is not an easy task and requires a lot of creativity and knowledge of the technical aspects.

We were determined to build a luxury brand with a combination of quality, tradition and style and the view of our socks associated with wonderful shoes and bags from FD1903 and Gallucci of  was a liberation. We did it!

Of course this is just the beginning. What makes the difference must be the perception that with 15-20 euros you are really buying a jewel. It is a challenge because there is a lot of competition out there and sometimes a low price can be misleading, but we count on the fact that we will be able to tell you a great story where you can play a primary role.

We want to create “idea socks” and make sure that our clients will be proud of having spent a little more money to get so much more. If you buy a luxury suit that costs 1.000 euros you will probably feel the difference with respect to a suite that only costs 400 euros. On the contrary, if you get a suit that costs 900 euros, you will probably struggle to understand the difference and perceive the style nuances.

We just want make sure that you will appreciate the huge difference that you might find by spending only 5 or 6 euros more and, to achieve our goal, we will ask you feedback and continue to work to produce the best exclusive socks you can possibly find.

We would like to thank FB1913 and Gallucci, two brands with a lot of tradition which allowed us to take wonderful pictures of our Via Calzabigi socks in their showrooms.







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