Who is the most dapper in the room? The one with the coolest socks!

Who is the most dapper in the room? The one with the coolest socks!

There are people that would look good whatever they wear. You might have heard of people who are naturally sleek. Or maybe you have a friend that knows how to be dapper even if he wears cheap clothes and accessories.

There is some truth in all of these three facts but the true question is: “If we put 10 really dapper guys in one room who own these attributes, how can you establish who is the most elegant one?”.

A trendy blu suit with subtle lines well matched with accessories such as a leather belt co-ordinaed with a fine IWC Portuguese or Rolex Daytona watch can undoubtedly look extremely cool. Daniel Craig is a great example of this style.

daniel craig

Alternatively, you can go for accessories such as a fancy pochette, men’s rings, cufflinks or tie bars. Or you can just match a fine striped shirt with a dandy gilet to look like the “mentalist” Patrick Jane.


And what about a pair of classy bright leather shoes highlighted by a tight trousers? Or the classic innovation produced by a blazer which has nothing to with the trousers?

These are simple strategies and the appreciation is clearly subject to your taste. Nothing can actually make the difference like a pair of socks with an amazing design and the good news is that you can always wear them. Nothing can be so fascinating and generate consensus such as the perceptions that socks can inspire when they pop out.

The selection of the right pair of socks is just instinct and can provide that additional touch of style which can make you win. A lethal weapon that can make you a champion of elegance.

We are here to help you to develop the passion that it is necessary to have fun destroying your most dapper competitors. Follow us and you won’t be disappointed!

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