The inspiration behind the geometry of our socks

The inspiration behind the geometry of our socks

Ask our stylist Massimo Ferrara how easy it is to design cool geometric socks. We did it and behind that subtle smile we know that there is a swirl of emotions.

We are aware that the risk of being insignificant is there and if Massimo takes months to complete his work is simply because the research has been intense and hard.

An effective geometry must be inspired by a situation which can produces hundreds of different shapes and colours. Such situation is not relevant for the person wearing the socks but it is crucial for the designer.

Here is an example: “roads”! They can be small paths or a 5 lanes motorway. They can be straight roads or curvy roads. There can be hedges in the middles or guard rails on the sides. The road could lead to a tunnel or there could be a bridge. It can be a huge red bridge like the “golden gate” or a tiny wooden bridge. There could be cross roads or roundabouts which can look different depending on the traffic or the location they are situated in.

However, for Massimo the essential part is concerned with the emotions that can be felt when the geometries wrap up your feet. You need a lot of creativity and imagination to understand the different nuances that the emotions can give you when our socks are matched with jeans, a classic pair of shoes or when you are dressing elegant or casual clothes.

How many geometric shapes and colours can spring out when you picture a system of roads?

The creative aspects must then be combined with the technical aspects which are associated with the socks artisan production, something that is probably less interesting to tell but surely very important.

Obviously we do not have the ambition to impose an emotion to anyone but we would love to be able to communicate our own emotions and make sure that they are perceived and appreciated. And this entails a lot of work which we enjoy doing.

We thought it could have been interesting to tell you this story to get you involved in our creative process which aims at generating a unique style as well as the love that we need to search for perfection. We just need one additional ingredient: your feedback! And we will not hesitate to engage with our customers to understand if we are…on the right track, or we should say..”road”!

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