Colored socks for women: a style that can’t be unnoticed

Colored socks for women: a style that can’t be unnoticed

Via Calzabigi is a brand which was initially created for men. Our research and trend analysis was mainly dedicated to mens fashion mainly because of the characteristics of the market and the degree of competition.

Over time, we started to ask ourselves whether it would have made sense to shift our attention towards the female universe. We were frightened as women desires are more difficult to fulfill, they are more complex and harder to reach.

Subsequently, we also wondered if, given that our product is sold mainly through a subscription ecommerce model, sending socks for a couple would be something cool and innovative.

For this reason we tried to create Unisex socks, both short and knee high, without undervaluing the women’s needs. We got a group of women involved to evaluate the geometries, the fabrics and the ways they would splurge their socks.

Finally, we took the decision and created some models for women, with a funky style.


The result is exciting. Coloring the calves and the ankles of a woman means giving a different light to her style. It means to make a woman unique, kind of offbeat, suggestive and mysterious at the same time!

What turned out to be evident is the fact that a woman can wear socks in a much wider ways than a man. They can pop out from their boots, they can cover their trousers, they can be displayed with a casual look or worn with a skirt and even when wearing heels.

Socks for women are an adorable opportunity even though they are not necessary. We know that the market is way more competitive and that women have loads of options to adorn their feet but we decided to go for it and we will strive to improve our product in the this direction, not without creating engagement with females, listening to them and getting them involved in the creative processes.



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