Fifty years old wearing colored socks? Just try it and you’ll love it!

Fifty years old wearing colored socks? Just try it and you’ll love it!

As one gets older, the scepticism towards the eccentric style increases relentlessly. Colors become darker or, at least, people tend to prefer the sobriety of solid colors.

When you get over fifty, sometimes even before fifty, you start to fear to look out of place and your style gets more classic and serious. Even the haircut, presuming that hair are still there, is not a priority. Rings and fancy necklaces disappear as we don’t want as if we want to falsify our age.

Generally speaking, it is an understandable behaviour. A fifty years old wearing colored clothes can actually give the impression to be affected by the Peter Pan syndrome and consequently appear unreliable, immature and frivolous.

On the other hand, people who are fifty years old now were actually teenagers in the most frivolous time of the last century: the eighties.

They used to fill their hair with tons of spray and let the dyed tuft fall above the eyes. They used to wear bright jumpers and apply colored stripes to the jeans.

Things that belong to the past and it does not make sense to revive. But the past and those colors should have a little space now too. A reduced space which won’t look trivial if we talk about socks.

When a fifty years old man sees a pair of colored socks the above mentioned scepticism is absolutely normal but things magically change once he takes the decision to try them on. Our aim is to use the colors wisely and balance all sorts of sophisticated styles with a touch of light and joy.

The only way to convince a fifty years old man to wear colored socks is to get him to try them on, even privately, without people judging and come to conclusions. It is a sort of test that rarely fails especially if he has the possibility to have fun with a nice selection of fine socks.

Colored socks will be a way to escape totally unrelated to the past. It will become a passion, socks will be something to collect and wear every single day as to challenge others. A distraction which will gradually convince you that you need to stay young without looking awkward. You will quickly appreciate colored socks because their versatility will allow you to look trendy and dapper even when wearing classic clothes. It is just a matter of trying them on.


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