3 style tips for socks lovers

3 style tips for socks lovers

We know perfectly well that our reader could be someone who does not collect or literally love socks. Most probably it must be someone who likes to be trendy and is vaguely interested in elegance, but he does not consider socks as a priority with respect to other accessories.

The great majority of people tend to purchase socks in a rush. A quick glance at the quality and at the colors with the awareness that those five or six pairs of socks will last for quite same time and won’t give matching problems.

The only way we have to persuade our potential clients to take care of the selection of the socks is to try to tell stories. We like to narrate our style knowing that, if you decide to trust us and buy our socks, we will be forced to live up to the expections we created with our stories.

Below are a few tips that aim at telling you how a socks lover, no matter the gender, should behave..

Socks should never be hidden

Watch it, we didn’t say that you should show off your socks. We are talking about not hiding them which is actually a very different thing. Sometimes there is reluctancy to show socks for a number or psychological reasons. First of all it must be said that, when we talk about fashion, feet are usually associated to shoes.

If you wear boots or high shoes, socks are clearly less visible and probably, in those cases, it seems obvious to think that wearing fashion socks is not worth it. We might as well hide socks? No way! Even with boots, socks might pop out and that is exactly the moment in which you can show the uniqueness of your style.

Maybe you are looking for comfy “invisible socks” because it’s too hot? After all they are called “invisible” because you can’t see them and you can actually display your wonderful hairy calves and your complete lack of style.

In which other cases you hide your socks? Simple…when they are out of place! Just like when you are wearing white tennis socks with black shoes because you ran out of decent ones. If that happens it is much better to hide your ankles to prevent looking dull.

This is the first tip. Never put yourself in the condition to hide your socks, without getting obsessed with showing them too much.

Holes? No bloody way!

Socks do get ruined and holes must be accepted, even if you bought quality socks. Sooner or later the rubbing will provoke holes and when that happens….don’t you dare wearing those socks!

Maybe you were fond of that pair of socks that you wore when pulling that gorgeous woman. You will probably think that you can wear them a few more times because nobody will ever see that nasty hole and your toe sticking out.

That is just so wrong! If you love socks you also love your feet and you cannot tollerate holes in your socks. Socks are consumable items and this feature is simply part of the sck game. Do not hesitate to change your socks often.

Play with style and change them often

Washings is not the cause of the holes. The shape of the foot and the continuos rubbing against the shoes is. Throughout a day, socks adsorb the heat of your feet which is one of the most sweaty areas of your body. Maybe the bad odors are still bearable and they can be worn for an extra day?

Changing your socks means giving freshness to your clean feet and the selection of the socks can be good fun. You can associate your socks to your humour, to you plan to meet during the day or you simply want to enjoy playing with your style.

Changing your shirt or your trousers will never be as intriguing as changing your socks, even on a daily basis. No doubts then, the real socks lover enjoys changing his socks!



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