“Strade”, “metropolitan style” socks with a  personality…

“Strade”, “metropolitan style” socks with a personality…

In Italian “strade” means “roads”.

It is not easy to create a brand new design which can be original and fascinating at the same time.

The style of a pair of socks is essentially associated to the colors and the shapes that generate its design.

It is important to imagine the socks matched with different types of shoes and trousers and guess what sort of feelings will instill in the customers who will wear them and in the people who notice them.

A stylish pair of socks does not have a pre-defined target in terms of age, it simply must intrigue and draw the attention of the potential customer. If the feelings are right, the customer must have the impulse to wear it and don’t think too much about how will look. In other words, we are determined to have the trust of our customers.


This is exactly the reason why, before starting to design a new pair of socks, we always focus on a concept or an environment to get the right inspiration.

We wished to design a pair of socks which could be defined as “metropolitan”, grunge but sophisticated enough.

We wanted versatile shapes to harmonize the socks with jeans and sporty shoes but we were also wished to make sure that they could adapt to a less sophisticated look.

So we thought about cross roads, at night, lit up by lampposts.

The way this design socks was born is therefore 100% metropolitan, just like the style that they are meant to follow.



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