5 nonsense rules regarding socks that should be broken

5 nonsense rules regarding socks that should be broken

We don’t want to say that fashion etiquette is complete nonsense. There are a few points concerning how men should wear socks that we can actually agree with.

However, most of the classic rules are totally out of place, as many “fashion setter” have proven by destroying the way socks used to be perceived.

We can agree on the fact that white socks should only be worn when doing sports and that, in any other circumstances, they are simply terrible. We can also sympathize with those who state that “invisible socks” are ok only if wearing shorts. There are no doubts that showing off your ankles when wearing long trousers implies complete lack of taste.

Too many so called fashion bloggers tend to minimize the touch of style that socks can provide and we cannot stand that!

Dress shoes require dress socks

 The question to pose regards the concept of elegance. We believe that elegance is a quality which stems from the capability to look attractive and inspirational to others. At the same time, we think that socks is an accessory that can allow to personalize your own concept of elegance, maybe the only one that can enable a person to forget about constraints without looking odd or inadequate. As an example we can look at George Bush Senior. Despite his age and status, he is well known for wearing quality socks which can hardly be called “dress socks”.

So well…no, dress shoes do not require boring solid colour see-through silk socks to ensure elegance….no way!

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Socks should match with trousers rather than with shoes

This is another well known rule which actually goes against the one mentioned above. Dark trousers require dark socks. If you wear classic trousers, you should avoid bright color socks and, generally speaking, you should not wear more than three colors in the lower part of your body (from below the belt).

On the contrary, we believe that socks should be a so-called “noble interruption” and it does not make sense to limit the selection of socks depending on the type of trousers you are wearing.

We strongly believe that socks should be chosen on the basis of your “mood”, on who you plan to meet and on what you are going to do during the day. We propose you to reverse the rule and, once you have chosen the socks, you can easily decide which trousers and shoes to wear.

The colors should mirror your mood and, if shapes and geometries are fascinating, they will quickly adapt to the rest of your clothes!

Gerard Butler seems to agree with us 🙂

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Don’t roll up your socks 

Ok maybe in this case we should admit that knee-high socks are the always best choice. However, if the socks are produced with top rate yarns, wearability will not be an issue.

On the other hand, if socks are lightly rolled up, it is not so terrible as long as this is something that you want it to happen. It is just like wearing a wrinkly shirt or a jacket with elbow patches…they can be trendy!

Socks should be interpreted by those who wear them and those who notice them. It is a way to make your style unique. For this reason, having your socks rolled up a bit is not such a big disaster.

On the other hand, do you remember the eighties?

Note the relationship shoes/socks displayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger and, most importantly, check out his stylish interviewer!

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Funky socks should only be worn at home

What? Are you joking???

Funky socks are a way to express yourself. They represent a fun and creative approach to building a cool style!

Funky socks communicate, they draw the attention and sometimes they have the power to hypnotize. Don’t hesitate to wear them! Splurge them on and show off your character.

Nobody will yawn.

Bye the way, Zac Efron thinks so too.

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Never wear socks in bed

Why not? Socks are meant to protect your feet. You might find wearing socks in bed rather fastidious but it can also be nice to keep your feet warm.

In any case, it has nothing to do with style or fashion. If you do decide to wear socks in bed, it is better to wear wool socks, possibly ankle socks, to allow feet to breath and avoid excessive sweating.

In bed you usually do two things: you either sleep or…aehm!

In both cases, there are absolutely no reasons to impose bigoted rules to your feet!


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