Which is the perfect pair of socks for you?

Which is the perfect pair of socks for you?

We work hard to combine shapes, geometries and colors to creare a well defined and unique style for our socks. We strongly believe in the power of well elaborated design because it is one of the intangible values that characterize a fashion accessory as truly “Italian Style”.

Of course, choosing a model might not be so simple. Of course we don’t want a customer to think too much about which is perfect design for him, especially because a design socks must match your personality and your state of mind.

We had fun in creating this test and we made a match between our own inspiration and some of the features of our potential customers. Try to complete this brief test, maybe you can the get the impulse to try our socks on!


It’s only a game but we did try to imagine our typical customers using both the rationality and the hearth.

An easy way to viralize our models in a fun way. We hope that you will want to share your perfect socks with your friends!


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