Why subscribing to “Via Calzabigi” Sock Club?

Why subscribing to “Via Calzabigi” Sock Club?

In US there are several “Sock Clubs” but in Europe this model is at the very beginning.

The word “subscription” might not sound very nice…we understand that. It could imply “commitment” and you wonder whether there are some dodgy tricks which will prevent you from cancelling it.

For this reason, it is important to say that our subscription can be cancelled at any time by sending an email to unsubscribe@viacalzabigi.com. If you wish to stop receiving our socks, all you need to do is to let us know with a very simple communication. No complications or any sort of problems! We will immediately stop sending you our bi-monthly packs.

Additionally, you can also stop the recurring payments through PayPal and we’ll know that, unfortunately, you have cancelled your subscription.

Having said that, the subscription is a way to have loyal clients. Conquering your loyalty is undoubtedly a true challenge for our company. The only way we can succeed is by positively surprising you and engage with you to tell you what is the passion and the rationale behind our style.

We don’t want to talk too much with boring commercial slogans. We would rather go straight to the point and list 4 reasons why it makes sense to subscribe to our club:


 Needless to say, saving money is a clear advantage of the subscription. Our socks are designed with complex patterns and are made with first quality yarns.

It is an authentic “made in Italy” fashion accessory both from the creative and the production standpoint and the list prices are convenient but in line with the market positioning of our brand.

If you subscribe you can get from 25% to 45% off and sometimes the discount can be even higher in case of special promotions.


Maybe it is not so immediate to realize that throughout the year you do buy at least 12 pairs of socks. Sometimes you get them as a present or you periodically buy a few packs while you are shopping.

Socks can be incredibly stylish and trendy, they can come in a variety of shapes and colors and they really can characterize your look.

Receiving quality socks right at your door is comfy and it has the power to create a pleasant expectation.

You can select your favorite style and you can even decide to subscribe your girlfriend or boyfriend and receive a pair for women coupled with a pair for men.

What is more, 40% of the socks purchased online are bought to make presents. You can donate a subscription, especially the pre-paid one, to prolong the positive vibrations of a present to friends or relatives.

Alternatively, you can set the date in our “birthday reminder” which is located in your clients area of the website and just use your own bi-monthly pack to make a present to others.

It couldn’t be easier!!


This is a key benefit of subscribing. You won’t know exactly which socks model you will get and that will make it sweeter to wait for your pack. Surprising yourself is just like making yourself a present and can’t wait to get it.

Opening the pack and finally wear your brand new socks is an experience which you should share with your friends on the social networks.

The experience is to show off a new design on the first occasion and watch the reaction of your friends.

We do care about the quality of the experience and we provide the necessary pre-sales support, trying to be deliver our product on time and making sure that the packaging is cool.

We are prefectly aware that our best weapons to convince you to stay subscribed and talk about us are the quality of the product and the experience you will have.



We want to be followed. However we know that we must really be interesting and exclusive. For this reason we do communicate with those who decide to be part of our community. We want to learn from you and we are happy to handle your criticism and your observations.

It is not easy to talk to a brand about design, fashion trends and so on…

The aim is to make you a brand ambassador, which can be a fun task. We would like to spread the word about the “culture” of becoming #sockaholic.




As you had the patience to read this article, we decided to reward you. We are not joking!

We are really going to reward you with a free pair of socks!

All you need to do is to click on the link below and choose the option “free trial” writing the word “paiogratis” in the appropriate box of the subscription form.

You will get a free pair of socks and you will start paying the subscription only after one month, which means after you have already worn our present.

You are not forced to carry on, you can cancel the subscription at any time!

It follows that if you decide to cancel it immediately, which will be a shame, the pair of socks will be 100% free and will even include shipping costs.

What are you waiting for?


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