They role played by socks when your shoes are ruined

They role played by socks when your shoes are ruined

The relationship between socks and shoes is similar to the one between a shirt and a tie. Just like an elegant tie can hide a worn out shirt, an awesome pair of socks can divert the attention from a ruined pair of shoes.
But the concept we would like to talk about in this article is a bit more sophisticated than this.

Love for the shoes is blind!

Shoes are an accessory you easily fall in love with. Similarly to the feeling you have for your car, at some point you are so fond of your shoes that you don’t even see the wear and tear.
We are in love with those comfy shoes and we can’t stop thinking that they are still wearable. We buy new laces, we polish them and we repair the soil and we’d do anything to be able to continue our love story.
On the other hand, an adult usually gets dressed fast in the morning because he has to go to work (excuse number 1) or he has to take the kids to school (excuse number 2), and we have another good reason to postpone the painful farewell to the beloved shoes. Without considering that your feet do deserve quality shoes and that shoes are actually one the first thing people notice about you.
You probably don’t take into account the fact that people immediately classify other people by the quality and style of their shoes.

Aged shoes are trendy? It depends on your age…

Youngsters don’t have this problem. They can go to a wedding and wear a pair of ruined sneakers and nobody will notice that. They would actually confirm their rebellious spirit. They would deliberately buy a pair of artificially aged shoes and wear “funky” socks to look trendy.
Adults simply cannot think that people can possibly believe that your shoes are artificially aged. And no…adults are not allowed to go to a wedding with a pair of sneakers!


Luckily you can can get our socks!

Oh yeah! Luckily you can get our socks! On the one hand socks can limit the damage and draw the attention of whoever is looking at your feet. On the other hand, a pair of trendy socks can actually convince you that it’s time to change your shoes!

When you will wear your old pair of shoes, with the leather deformed by the relentless aging process, if your feet are wrapped up by a fresh pair of Via Calzabigi, you will finally realize that those shoes are just inadequate.

If you own several pair of socks with fascinating shapes and colors, you will surely feel like trying out new styles and make experiments. You will start to wonder how your look would improve with a new pair of shoes and, suddenly, you’ll understand that your love story is over!

Another perfect example of the magic power owned by Via Calzabigi socks!


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