The new photo shoot with Giacomo and Emanuel

The new photo shoot with Giacomo and Emanuel

Organizing a new photo shoot is always fun. We must try to effectively communicate the intangible values of our brand through the power of the images. The value is definetely intangible because it is impossible to touch and feel our socks through a photo. All you can do is to see and imagine.

Giacomo is an experienced fashion blogger and Emanuel is a fashion addict with previous modelling experience.

Our challenge was to display the dapper style which Via Calzabigi socks can donate to a man between 30 and 40 years old.

We decided to select a metropolitan scenario with casual poses and a sleek clothing style, despite not too glamourous.
Two friends chatting about women and cars before an aperitive with their mates.
We would like to make sure that people will notice the socks spontaneously. The goal is to show how the eccentricity of the shapes and colors combinations can perfectly match the polished and sophisticated clothing of two modern guys who know how to take care of their look.

We did not zoom excessively on our product. We preferred to get rid of the shoes to put the feet on display and show how the socks can emphasize the character of a person more than any other accessory.
Just try to think about two stylish guys such as Giacomo and Emanuel wearing a pair of boring solid color socks, or even invisible socks. It wouldn’t be the same thing right?
Usually the aim of a photo shoot regarding a fashion product is to make sure that the potential customer identifies himself with the models. In our case we simply would like to communicate that Via Calzabigi are never inappropriate and you can splurge with total confidence.

Even if they are almost hidden between shoes and trousers, a pair of trendy socks can always complement and customize the essence of a comprehensive look.


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