Socks Lovers: when socks generate complicity in the couple

Socks Lovers: when socks generate complicity in the couple

We must admit that we thought a lot about whether or not it made sense to create a collection of socks for women.

The female universe is very complex and we were afraid that it wouldn’t have been easy to get women committed to a new brand like ours.

However, while we were creating the first drafts, we noticed that many women were curious and interested in our designs and we started to change our mind.

First of all, many socks for men are chosen by women who wish to make a gift. Additionally, certain types of fancy color designs prove to be very much appreciated by women.


What really persuaded to produce socks for women was the fact that we could build a subscription for the couple. We thought that a real Sockaholic in love would rather make a present to his or her lover rather than being selfish.

We had fun in creating photo shoots with real lovers and when we looked at the pics, we just knew that funky socks can generate a intriguing complicity in a couple.

Socks with a fascinating design can be 100% unisex and create extraordinary harmony which can’t go unnoticed. On the other hand, a successful couple is usually envied by others.

A feminine style is synonymous with high heels, a skirt or jewelry. A man is characterized by a shirt, a tie or a smart jacket.

A man and women joint by a pair of Via Calzabigi socks are bound to love each other and, above all, they can show off their affinity without losing their style identity.

The funky subscription includes the possibility to receive a pack with a one pair of socks for a woman and one for a man, don’t think too much about it…go ahead!


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