Why wearing funky socks can be the winning factor during a job interview

Why wearing funky socks can be the winning factor during a job interview

Everyone knows that you can’t judge a book by its cover and, at the same time, it is well known that going to a job interview with an inappropriate look is not recommended.
It would be obvious to talk about the importance for a man to wear an elegant suit, a well ironed shirt, a smart tie and polished shoes.
We all know that the perfect candidate should look neat and clean.

We can say that a proper presentation of ourselves is the least you can do to be taken into consideration before starting a job interview. Anything else clearly depends on your verbal communications skills, your competences, your past experiences as well as you academic background and so on…

The way you dress contributes to communicate your own style and this allows to generate harmony with your interviewer. However, there is only one accessory people cannot see, but will certainly notice, that can also communicate your personality: your socks!

The results of a research published on Inc.com show that your dressing style can affect what others think about you. It’s called “embodied cognition”.
Someone sloppy can be perceived as self confident, successful and well off by simply wearing an elegant suit and a cleaner hairstyle. Undoubtedly, it is possible to direct the perceptions that others people feel about you by taking care of the details of your look. Similarly, what you wear can influence the way you feel and perceive yourself too.


A pair of slightly funky socks, or characterized by innovative geometries, shapes and colors, just like a pair of stylish glasses, can make you perceived as someone creative and eclectic. Someone who can take care of himself.
They tell people that you are outgoing and able to communicate in a pleasant manner, someone who can easily connect to others.
The subliminal message of your socks, which can hardly be seen, prove that you know your potentialities and you can work outside the standard schemes. They say that your a versatile person with a playful side and who knows how to cope with pressurized situations with a smile on your face.
Bold socks represent the norm, the routine procedures and a likely lack of courage to put yourself forward.
Nowadays dynamic companies require joy, capability to share experiences and knowledge, as well as versatility and open mindness.

The fact that socks are almost hidden but noticeable allows to draw the attention of your interviewer and facilitate the flow of the conversation.
On the one hand the overall elegance of a sartorial suit and a pair of quality shoes allows to appear reliable and helps to create a relationship with someone who, most probably, will wear something similar to yourself. On the other hand, the touch of color and light provided by a fresh pair of socks, which must be knee-high, can be a hallmark to win the competition for that vacancy!

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