Make daddy happy with a fresh pair of Via Calzabigi socks!

Make daddy happy with a fresh pair of Via Calzabigi socks!

Maybe you did not know that for a man, a pair of design socks has a probability of 98,5% to be appreciated as a present.
Another interesting statistics regards the fact that 40% of all men socks purchased online are gifts bought by women.

The wide range of Via Calzabigi designs make it almost impossible to make a present which cannot be considered original and unique.
In Italy Father’s day is on March 19th, which corresponds to the celebration of Saint Joseph. According to the tradition, in Italy people should celebrate with zeppole and the delicious Saint Joseph bignè as well as with red roses.

The role of the father in a family is important mainly as a support to the mother and buying a present for the men on this occasion can be something pleasant and unexpected. Mother’s day is clearly more important as a celebration, considering the big sacrifices made by a woman, starting with the conception and the raising of the childs. However, celebrating Father’s day properly is a way to give credit to the efforts made by the father and to its work. Clearly, fully respecting the gender equality.

Father’s day in Italy has very ancient origins and aims at celebrating the family union. Socks are useful but can also be a luxurious mincing way to proudly splurge at work.
A six month or an annual subscription has the power to prolong the nice effect which can be donated with a gift.

In other countries Father’s day is celebrated in different dates. For instance, in UK the celebration takes place on June 18th.


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