Why you should not be afraid of being judged and wear those funky socks?

Why you should not be afraid of being judged and wear those funky socks?

It’s odd but talking about men’s look, the male judgement becomes a factor. Despite our society is culturally way more open than in the past, when we are over forty years old, we tend to make choices always taking into consideration what other guys might think of us.

It follows that it’s better to forget about that tattoo that you really wanted to make. And what about your fancy haircut? People might think is inadeguate.
You don’t want to run into people who believe you are different. It’s much better to find some kind of compromise that allows you to be accepted by everyone and avoid standing out too much.

But what on earth does the word “different” mean? Are we supposed to be all the same? Why can’t I express my style splurging an unconventional sign of distinction? Who the hell is that frustrated guy who dares making negative comments about the way I look?

We felt like insulting those haters because we noticed that the average session duration spent by our users on the most colored and funky socks is more that twice the one spent on the socks with a more sober design.

Overall, users spend the longest time on the pair of socks called “Sagome”. It is normal to ponder carefully on those bright colors and gaudy geometries but we have the feeling that people also do other considerations which depend on the way they might be judged.

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We actually observed that people are tempted to wear “sagome” socks also when they come to see our socks in our showroom. But then they hesitate and we can just see what they are thinking ….”maybe I will be too different?”.

Conversely, eccentric socks are the ones who seem to be more successful after the have been worn. They are the equivalent of that tattoo you always craved for or that bulky ring that you wear only when haters are nota round.

Why getting deprived of a fresh pair of funky socks only because of the feat of a pathetic judgement from those uneducated chats? Are you sure they are your friends?

Well, your know what? Who cares, I prefer my pair of Sagome!


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