Your corporate style in a pair of socks. This is Via Calzabigi “Custom”

Your corporate style in a pair of socks. This is Via Calzabigi “Custom”

When we started our “Sock Club” we were perfectly aware that the incredible power to communicated owned by socks is perfect for the corporate world.

During our long experience in marketing & communication we often had to suggest and create fascinating branding tools.
When we build the image of a company we often underestimate the importance of customizing objects to generate loyalty to our brand.

Socks have a huge potential in terms of customization. It’s not just placing a logo on it but we are talking about creating a unmistakable style which can perfectly represent your corporate style.
The geometries, the patterns, the colors combos and the type of yarns. Even the tags and the packaging are elements which concur to generate a positive experience. And an intense experience is what allows to reach the targets in terms of branding and communication.


We carefully analyze the context in which the socks will be used by our clients and all aspects concerned with the definition of the style that has to communicated as well as the perceptions and the values that the brand should instill.


The creation of Via Calzabigi custom corporate branded socks is a participative process in which the client takes an active part. It is a sort of “team building” operation where our designers help to pull out preferences and tastes and provide the necessary information to evaluate the technical options and the selection of the yarns. A fun moment to produce unique creations!

We are dedicated to make sure that our branded socks are presented and displayed properly whether are used to make gifts to employees, suppliers or customers or for events, tradeshows or corporate parties.

Via Calzabigi “custom” is a specialized division entirely focused on the B2B market and we handle production and logistics to ensure efficiency and punctuality.

In conclusion, socks allow to develop your brand with a fashion accessory which can be luxurious despite costs are reasonable.

Uniqueness is the main strength but it also essential to take into account that it extremely unlikely that socks won’t be worn repeatedly. Almost 50% of the socks bought online are used to make gifts both by men and women and the confidence of seeing your target splurging your own sytle is simply great!


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