A fun way to tell stories about our brand

A fun way to tell stories about our brand

The world wide web is literally inundated with socks of all types and we are well aware of it. Right from the start of our business, we decided that telling stories about the brand Via Calzabigi with unconventional methods was part of our strategy.

Too often people think too much before purchasing a pair of design colorful socks. They tend to hesitate on this funky socks, deep down inside they like them and they want them but then…..Are they too flashy? Too young-looking? Too….what?

When we observe our client’s behavious we notice that our socks are appreciated only after they have been actually tried on. We know the power that our design and quality can emanate on people who want to express their personality with an innovative accessory.

Socks are a distinctive sign and the persuasion can be helped if we are able to tell true stories where we try to be honest and unbiased.

With this in mind, we decided to make our own feet alive and use them like muppets. Two friends wearing Via Calzabigi socks explain to a sporty friend, obsessed with plain sporty socks, that if you really want to show off his personality with “female socks”, it is necessary to take care about the details of his style.

The sporty socks decide to follow the tip of his friends and suddenly his life will change, including his performance with the female socks.

This is just the first socks story and there will be more in the future with the aim to entertain our users about our style.

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