Hipster, funky or dapper? We are simply Via Calzabigi…

Hipster, funky or dapper? We are simply Via Calzabigi…

We often ask ourselves why a potential customer should really buy Via Calzabigi socks. After all there are thousands of shops which sell design socks with fascinating shapes and colors. One can easily argue that such socks have a similar style.

Maybe our style is a bit more funky? Or maybe it’s more “hipster” but dapper as well?

We don’t really want to be restrained in one specific trend but sometimes we are forced to talk about such trends, because it’s trendy!

We could say that we carefully create our designs to make sure our socks are truly innovative and that we use very high quality yarns. But these are just words and words cannot make a difference to influence a decision.

Our goal is to create a brand that can be perceived differently. We are inspired by all the possible past, present and future trends. We think that the terms cannot define a style but the only way you can actually be stylish is by expressing your own personality and mood. One day you wake in the morning and you feel hipster but another day you might feel a gentleman.

We would like that our socks could have the power to entertain the person who is wearing them supporting him or her to identify the way you want to look without thinking too much. We strive to create socks that can help you in understanding your personal daily style.

The fashion world is full with fancy words and pompous terms but, at the end of the day, simplicity always wins.

No matter who you are, how old you are, what your job is, your gender or your wealth. You have the rights to express your personality by the way you look and the best way to do it is wearing Via Calzabigi socks.

This is exactly what our brand should communicate and the customer experience must reflect this concept right from the moment in which you receive your very first package.

We know we are a long way away from reaching this goal but we want to give you a nice incentive to get this experience.

If you subscribe to our VIP Club you will get a free pair of socks and you will start paying after one month. You can always cancel your subscription by sending an email to the address unsubscribe@viacalzabigi.com or de-activating your payment profile.


It follows that if you are not happy with our service, at least you got a nice present!

Alternatively, using promo code off50 in our shop, you can get 50% off the entire cart.


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