Via Calzabigi awesome designs and Francesco Coco are the stars of the Milan Fashion Week

Via Calzabigi awesome designs and Francesco Coco are the stars of the Milan Fashion Week

It is a pretty hot period for us, not only for the external temperature. However, despite the heat, we are happy to wear a soft pair of Via Calzabigi socks.

After meticolous preparations, we have finally opened the Fashion Week with a glamorous party which took place in our showroom “Luxury Distribution”, in Via della Spiga which is right in the heart of the “Quadrilatero della moda”, in Milan.

This party was the perfect opportunity to present our collections for boutiques and concept stores buti t was also the chance to launch the “limited edition” created with Francesco Coco and the agency Golden Flamingo.

We filled the white spaces of this beautiful showroom with our new exhibitors, the colors and geometries of our socks as well as with logo displays and illustrative totems. In this fantastic context, we broadcasted the cool promotional video made by the gorgeous Francesca Leto, with the aim to stress our work dedicated to women.

During the event there were numerous influencers, fashion bloggers, journalists and buyers. We explained the vision behind our brand and we received a tremendously positive feedback as well as many articles on well known titles such as Men in Town, Vanity Fair, UrbanPost, Luxgallery, Time Magazine and others.

“Socks are the only true accessory for men which can be worn in any occasions with a view to splurge on colors and unconventional shapes. Via Calzabigi style philosophy persuaded me to start this venture with them in the fashion industry” – said ex footballer Francesco Coco.


The testimonial of our brand introduced his limited edition which was created from the colors of the teams where he played during his outstanding career: AC Milan, Inter Milan, Livorno, Torino and Barcelona.

This collection is not official and it is not associated with the clubs. It is a tribute to the fans and the colors are used with stylish designs which, as usual, are inspired by the great abstract painters such as Kandisy, Klee or Mondrian.

Our collections will stay in this prestigious showroom until the end of July and soon they will be available in the best boutiques and shops, in Italy and around the globe.

In the meantime, we strongly advise you to take a look at Francesco Coco’s limited edition. It is hot, no doubts about that, but protecting your feet by wrapping them up with the quality of our cotton and with the phantasies of our design is not such a bad idea!

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