Francesco Coco collection: focus on “Milano Rossonera”

Francesco Coco collection: focus on “Milano Rossonera”

Time to start introducing the new “limited edition” models of the collection created in collaboration with Francesco Coco.
Why Coco? Francesco hasn’t just been a great football player. He is an expert “fashion lover” and he has probably been the very first footballer to win the front cover of the most famous gossip magazine and to become a successful brand ambassador.
Even though his career finished too early because of some painful injuries, Francesco made the most of experience in the fashion industry and his deep knowledge of the glamours of Milan and recently started to work for a communication & media agency.

First of all we immediately noticed that Coco shares with us the idea that design socks are the only accessory that enable men to have fun with colors, geometries and ways to wear them.
He also believes that socks, despite they are discreet and can only been seen sporadically, can be incredible stylish and able generate complicity between men and women. Socks should be selected spontaneously, without thinking too much about how they will match with the rest of the clothes.

It is important to say that this collection aims to be a tribute to the fans of the teams in which Francesco played and they are not official accessories associated to the clubs. We decided to start with Milano Rossonera because Coco became a professional player wearing the AC Milan jersey in 1993.

In “Milano Rossonera” we gave the same weight to Red and Black with a sophisticated but yet traditional pattern. Foot and calves are wrapped up by stripes with different degrees of thickness which generate a pleasant visual effect and an innovative style.
On the sides you can see thin rounded shapes which donate elegance and an original touch as well as Francesco Coco’s logo.

Red is a passionate and aggressive color, sometimes underestimated in fashion, and in this case it symbolizes fire. The fire of the red devils and black representing fearness of the opponent when facing them.

We strived to dissolve this aggressiveness with an unusual form of elegance. Splurging on “Milano Rossonera” should not only be done because you are an AC Milan’s supporter. Our goal was to create a pair of socks that could actually communicate that fire which is a synonim of tenacity and agonistic rage.
Milano is the capital of fashion but it is also one of the most important cities for football and paying homage to AC Milan’s fans with a stylish pair of socks was a challenge.
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It doesn’t matter if you are a Rossoneri fan. Try out this model and show off the devil in you!


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