Via Calzabigi is a “social company” and signs a partnership with Oxfam

Via Calzabigi is a “social company” and signs a partnership with Oxfam

We are a very young company but we believe we have clear ideas on this matter. Obviously it is important to do business and, above all, make sure that our clients enjoy our product and have a fantastic customer journey.

However, it is important not to forget people living in desperate conditions and in poverty.
Oxfam is a global no profit organization which has been fighting poverty for years, activating numerous projects all over the world.
The activities carried out by Oxfam are impressive, thanks to a significant number of volunteers and fund raising operations which allow to send humanitarian aids.
We decided to donate and get our customers involved. Our donations are associated with our socks sales both online and through our traditional distribution channels.
The formula is simple: 1 euro for each pair of socks sold online, 3 euros for each subscription to our club and for each box sold into boutiques.
To simplify our story we distinguished our donations into four topics.
Each pair of socks is in fact associated to one of these topic which is highlighted by a logo.

1) Emergency: unfortunately when a natural disaster, a war, sudden epidemics or similar events strike, it is necessary to act fast and provide immediate support to the victims.
2) Youth Emplyment: your people have the necessity to work to feed the economy and because having a job is a precious right. In this case, the money goes to companies or initiatived that can generate employment in under-developed areas.
3) Woman Empowerment: in several areas the gender parity is a mirage. What is worse, there are an incredible number of cases in which women are haunted, raped or tortured, both physically and psychologically. Oxfam actively supports women rights and this is a mission we want to share.
4) Community development: Around the globe there are communities which live in terrible conditions. Famines, lack of food, lack of energy and heavy problems with schooling. Another appaling problem which affects humanity and has to be fought.

Obviously our operation is just a drop in the ocean but we will do our best to bring forward our initiative, telling you success stories achieved by Oxfam.
If you do buy a pair of socks, you will also periodically receive an e-card from Oxfam confirming our donation in favour of the cause associated to the socks or to the subscription.

Fighting poverty is a complex and hard battle but at least we don’t just think about doing business.


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