3 stories to match a pair of “funky” socks to an event

3 stories to match a pair of “funky” socks to an event

First of all, it is important to possess a bit of “healthy” anti-conformism. If you want to stand out, you need to show off a distinguishing element in our look, well matched with a personal way to appear and with the circumstances. That does need a tad of courage.

On the other hand, being stylish means knowing how to dare with taste to draw attention, amazement, envy and symphaty.

A “trend setter” cannot be credible without displaying a well characterized look, using a combination of clothes and accessories that can actually inspire an imitation spirit.

We believe that socks, thanks to the discreet way in which they are displayed, are one of the best accessory to personalize your style in a truly unique fashion.

An important meeting at work

David must hold an important commercial meeting at work. He will be at the centre of the attention and he will have to present a new high-tech product to several potential customers.

The aim is to be credible and influential and that would theoretically imply a classic style. However, David knows that the non-verbal language is crucial in order to strain the tension and create a positive relationship with the clients.

David is determined to appear confident but, at the same time, he wants to generate a positive atmosphere. He will talk about technology and his idol, Steve Jobs, was well known to wear unconventional clothes in line with his communication style.

Davide will have to be persuasive, disruptive and cool. A nice pair of black trousers, a brown pair of leather shoes, a blue shirt with a cool jacket and….we would suggest a pair of Via Calzabigi “Angoli”.

A pair of non intrusive socks which can provide David with a powerful personality. Exactly what David will need during the meeting!


At the first date

Frank met this wonderful woman on Tinder and he can’t wait to meet her for the first time.

They exchanged photos and chatted a lot, coming to the conclusion that they would be perfect together.

But meeting in person is another thing! The aim is to look consistent with the photos and the messages Frank sent. An easy going, sincere, sporty person who loves doing outdoor sports and with a true passion for arts and adventurous trips.

Valeria is a gorgeous blondie, she works as a freelance designer. She is a free spirit who must be conquered with the charm, without pressure.

No need to be formal, but Frank needs a sophisticated and authentic style. A pair of blue jeans, a grey/black shirt and a smart  jacket  and of course a pair of sneakers or dapper shoes matched with our “Reti”. Warm colors and innovative patterns to hypnotize Valeria during the first date, maybe the beginning of a fantastic love story!


The Wedding of your best friend

Charles will be the best man at the wedding of his closest mate. Charles introduced this beautiful woman to Luke and now she is about to become her wife. For this reason Luke was happy to give Charles this very important role.

Luke will be the protagonist of this magic day but he will be forced to wear a boring dinner jacket.

Luke is emotional, a bit shy and he will be likely to be nervous. During the speech Charles will have to be interesting and find the right words to celebrate him and her wife.

He knows that Luke hates ties and he would love to wear something comfortable. You must be respectful and you cannot wear anything too extravagant but a smart outfit, unconventional white trousers and an elegant pair of shoes could be associated to our “Rettangoli”. Oh yeah, that pair of socks seem to be spot on while Charles tells everyone what a wonderful person Luke is, while his wife will look at him with eyes filled with love.



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