Focus on “Torino”, our socks dedicated to the Turin supporters by Francesco Coco

Focus on “Torino”, our socks dedicated to the Turin supporters by Francesco Coco

Francesco wore the Torino jersey 21 times between 1999 and 2000 but this is also the club in which he ended his career after realizing that it was impossible to recover from the bad knee injuries suffered in the previous years.

Torino is something that stays in your blood, the love and the electric support given by the fans of this legendary club can possess any player who had the luck to wear that jersey.

We were determined to find softer and more rounded lines to wrap around the dark purple color to provide this socks with an alternative form of elegance. We wanted these socks to be more luxurious to celebrate a team in which a lot of great players such as Pulici, Graziani, Meroni, Valentino Mazzola, Rizzitelli fought and gave it all.

Torino socks are surely expressive and can be worn both with casual clothing or to give a touch of sophisticated light to a more classic look.

A glamorous and fascinating design which we hope can represent an effective tribute fans of of the oldest Italian clubs.

These socks are not to be associated officially to the football club but they are a simple homage which is inspired by the Torino’s colors. A dapper pair of socks which can be worn by people who are not fans of the team but want to have a refined and precious accessory to create a unique style.


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