This is why we give away our socks!

This is why we give away our socks!

We have been running a few contests to give away Via Calzabigi’s socks to our users.

In one case, we select a Facebook user who shares and comments our post, as long as he is following our Page, and we reward him or her by shipping a free pair of socks.

In another case, if you register to our website by putting your email address in the form which is placed in the header of our website, not only you can have a discount promo code and get our newsletter, you can actually win a free annual subscription to our Sock Club!

Every month we select a winner randomly and he can get two pairs of socks every two months for the entire year.

A lot of people got involved and several users were actually rewarded. It is an investment that we like to make for several reasons:

  • First of all, there is a huge difference between looking at a photo of our socks and wearing them. People think hard before using their credit cards to buy a pair of socks because there are a lot of brands out there. There is nothing better than letting some of our potential customers try the freshness of our cotton and the wearability of our socks.
  • We would like to engage with people. Our objective is to create a community which aggregates people who love this accessory. We would like to promote the interest for socks by facilitating the conversation with our brand.
  • Engaging with our potential customers allow us to improve our product. Our stylists can get valuable information to create socks that are in line with our users expectations.


Being a Sock Club does not only means to subscribe and awesome socks to your home to save money. Subscribing must be a pleasant experience and a way to follow our brand and our style. An innovative style which stems from the preferences of the users and aims at becoming a nice addiction. A quality of the yarns that must surprise and confirm that subscribing to our Club was actually a great idea.

Richard is 52 years old and he is a chartered accountant. He wears suits and ties every single day but he also likes colors and he enjoys giving a touch of eclecticism to his look by wearing design socks. Richard won a free subscription in September and now he will have the chance to get a full collection to wear during the entire year.According to Richard, some of our socks colors are too bright and he finds it difficult to match them with dark suits. For this reason, we are working on a brand new glamour collection which will be specifically designed for those who wear formal suits regularly.

At the moment we are working on some improvements for the spring-summer collections and on the winter socks which we will introduce in January and your opinions are extremely interesting.

Register to our community and place your email in the green form you see on the header of our home page or follow us on the social networks.



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