Via Calzabigi socks and Halloween? Find out why…

Via Calzabigi socks and Halloween? Find out why…

What have socks got to do with Halloween? Maybe you don’t know that but in the middle ages, celtic people used to knock at anyone’s door to have some help to cope with the freezing winter time.

That’s the period when the famous phrase “trick or treat?” was born. Today it is a well known thing to say during the Halloween night and all kids around the world knock at people’s door to get some cookies…

We felt like launching a different slogan: “trick or socks?” Cold is coming and our socks, created to allow everyone to customize their style, are also extremely useful to protect your feet and give them a touch of warm color.

Buying a six months and a one year subscription is a great solution to go through the cold months with a smile on your face. This is why we created two fantastic promotions which will be valid until the midnight of October 31st.

Hurry up!!

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