BLACK FRIDAY? Let’s celebrate Black….

BLACK FRIDAY? Let’s celebrate Black….

“Rules should be learnt, followed and then broken”—Ferdinando Garzillo claimed. It’s like that in the fashion world too and, specifically, when it’s about selecting a pair of socks.

A socks etiquette does exist and suggests that with dark trousers should always matched with black socks to maintain order and accuracy in the way you look.

An elegant person is typically someone who wants to stand out.

Buti s this rule really so rigid? On the one hand it is true that black is a so called neutral color but it does look much more cool and trendy when it shines together with colored nuances and shapes to generate a more tasteful and meaningful pattern.

In our models, black is an important color, sometimes it is dominant, like in our #Strade, #ZigZag, #Incroci and #Parallelogrammi.

Black in great in any context, particularly during the winter season. And this is the color that will be the protagonist of our Black Friday until Sunday 26th of November,

Our promotion is simple: buy a subscription, for yourself or to make an extraordinary gift, and we will send you two extra pair of socks with black in it.

A way to give you a sophisticated Autumn with the unique style of Via Calzabigi socks.

Just use the promo code BLACKFRIDAY

  • 40% discount in the shop
  • 2 pairs of FREE socks if you subscribe with black in them

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