No doubts, socks are the new tie!

No doubts, socks are the new tie!

Years ago (not not too long), the tie was perfectly representing elegance and reliability.
There were no managers hanging around without a smart tie. A concept that slowly faded and lost power in terms of exclusivity and sophistication, becoming a symbol of conformism which is rather inadeguate in the contemporary society.
Some people claim that splurging on ties conveys a wrong message and, after all, wearing something around your neck is actually not so comfortable.
We don’t want to disregard ties but this is just a simple observation. Today ties lost their appeal…
As a consequence, the question to be posed is simple. Is there an accessory that can replace a tie? Yes absolutely! A cool pair of quality socks worn with the awareness that they will be noticed and without the fear of being judged. Because if you will be judged, you actually win!
Socks are the new ties because of their versatility which allows men to wear something always different and in line with their mood in order to look fascinating and interesting.
Socks can be elegant and eccentric at the same time, they protect your feet and quality yarns can actually be felt and seen by others.
Black socks give a sense of credibility but also neutrality and sobriety. Today, men want something to show off their own personality. Funny and glamorous. Colored socks can draw the attention and can easily match with any trousers or shoes.
You can wear it with a suit at work, and with a casual outfit to customize your style. Men want to have fun with this discreet accessory and enjoy wearing something luxurious but affordable.
In this respect, socks have the some function that ties used to have.
All you have to do is to ignore that voice which represents your conservative self whispering “just forget it, those socks are too much for you!”….Too much what? Too cool for heaven’s sake!

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