How at Via Calzabigi we strive to make extraordinary socks

How at Via Calzabigi we strive to make extraordinary socks

Our style office, perfectly managed by Massimo, is a crazy place. They talk about colors and patterns and try to define an unmistakable style which can be easily identified. Something similar to the DNA.
The main quality concerns the ability to imagine a happy customer wearing an idea on his feet. Yes! Because initially it’s all about vague ideas, which aim to become a fresh pair of socks for men or women.
Usually we try to find an inspiration which can be reflected in a particular type of pattern or a combination of colors. For example, “Lanterne” is a so called “metropolitan” model whose inspiration is drawn by the city lights which form halos enlightening the night, transforming the dark blue in a very intense green.
It is just a scenario which then gets magically turned into an innovative and fascinating pair of socks.
No we do not look at our competitors’ socks. Not because we don’t appreciate other brands, but because we don’t want to be influenced.

Massimo defines a number of proposals to Alessandro. Digital mock-ups already selected by the stylists which Alessandro matches with the preferences of our customers and the market trends until the final choice is made.
The mock-ups are then uploaded in the software which manages to the 216 nails machines which create the socks.
Yarns are selected with great care, both in terms of quality and colors, to make sure that the yield will be the one we planned. We only use top rate organic cotton, and we implement anti-bacterial precautions, such a small quantity of silver yarn, which has the property to destroy the bacteria nested in the sweaty parts of the foot during perspiration, leading to bad odours.

Once the socks are ready, they get ironed and we carry out the quality control. A meticolous procedure to make sure that there are no imperfections inside and outside the sock, or in crucial parts of the texture such as sewed spots, such as the heel and the tiptoe.

It is a lot of fun because we make socks with a lot of passion and dedication. Two essential ingredients which we hope people will perceive when wearing our socks.

We are well aware that many companies make beautifully designed socks. Our aim is to make them extraordinary and we will never stop trying hard to reach this target!


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