Why socks are so similar to tattoos?

Why socks are so similar to tattoos?

Years ago tattoos were small and people use to design them on body parts where could not be easily seen. A tatto was made to remind us of an event, a passion, a hobby or a person. It was something very personal which people didn’t need to show off.
In some circumstances, like at work, showing a tattoo was a bad idea and could cause negative reactions.
A tattoo was not considered as an elegant decoration, on the contrary, it was something that was reputed pretty tawdry and common, surely closer to people belonging to the working class.

Over the years tattoos started to acquire a different meaning, more luxurious…
They became bigger, more complex and colored.
Today people are proud of their tattoos. They are a true way to make our bodies unique and express our creativity and show it to others.
We can decide to hide our tattoos but we tend to show at least a part of it, simply to let people know that we have it.
Finally, tattoos are addictive. After we get a tattoo, we often feel like having another one. Sometimes we just invent a new reason to design something on our body, taking the decision intuitively.

Does these considerations remind you something?

Socks used to be a secondary accessory. A few years ago trousers were longer and socks used to be totally hidden away.
If we were wearing a smart suit, socks were limited to play a marginal role. Solid color such as grey, black or navy blue.

Over time, trousers became shorter and people started to feel like coloring their feet in a bizarre fashion, to customize a style through eccentric and extravagant patterns.

A brand new need to splurge on a discreet accessory which can let people express their creativity, just like tattooes.
Quality socks are affordable and it is easy to turn into a fanatic collectionist, to be able to have fun with a new fancy model every day.

Tattooes are forever, that doesn’t apply to socks. You can and should change them often and you don’t run the risk to incur into problematic afterthoughts!

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