What is so extraordinary in a nice pair of colorful socks?

What is so extraordinary in a nice pair of colorful socks?

We are obsessed by this question and we do ask ourselves all the time. The answer is actually pretty simple and we are aware that if we manage to make people perceive why wearing a cool pair of quality socks with trendy patterns is something extraordinary, we reached our goal.

First of all, let’s give a definition to the word “extraordinary”. Literally it is the contrary of “ordinary”. In other words, something that goes against the order and the rules.

When we get dressed we do follow some rules which are usually set by the so called “trend-setters”. People that have the magic power to influence our shopping decisions.

The fashion industry is strongly relying on this influence that can actually manipulate our habits.

These guys can be celebrities or charismatic people who can subliminally tell us that wearing that specific shirt or that specific accessory is cool, and that if you own them, you automatically become cool yourself.

Gradually, we start to see that shirt or that bag as incredibly stylish and we start craving for them. We see them so stylish because someone told us and then we start to believe that anything produced by that brand is fantastic.

The Fedora hat, worn by Indiana Jones, was certainly not considered extraordinary until Harrison Ford showed it off.

A waterproof brown hat with some pretty unconventional features suddenly became fashionable after the movie and allowed the manufacturer, Dorfman Pacific U.S.A. to make a fortune.

We are slowly getting to the point! A nice pair of socks, obviously made with top quality yarns, give you the possibility to be a protagonist and show your own style to others.

The versatility of the patterns, of the colors and the enormous range of figurative opportunities can make you absolutely unique.

There is no order and rules do not exist, there are only your personal rules and nobody can dispute them. Yes! Because socks are a discreet accessory, which pops out every now and then and ….always at the right time. They are not invasive or overbearing.

There is no need to have a celebrity or some influencer telling us which socks you should be wearin because the style, the colors, the geometries and, above all, what you see in the design can be decided only by you.

The extraordinariness consists in the fact that your pair of socks can completely customize your own style and fascinate others, thus making you an influencer.

Let yourself be tempted and discover how easy it is to become a sockaholic.

Join our community and give it a chance!

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