Sometimes it’s better to just forget about socks!

Sometimes it’s better to just forget about socks!

Just in case it wasn’t clear, we are trying hard to persuade everyone about the fact that socks can truly make you a fashion protagonist. By wearing a trendy pair of awesome socks you can express your personality in a totally unique and distinctive way.

This is why we continuosly try to develop new designs and innovative patterns.

Another reason to wear socks is associated to their main function; protecting your feet and maintaining an ideal temperature, allowing them to breath correctly.

And to achieve this goal, we use the best yarns with anti-bacterial features.

Socks are always on our minds and, to be honest, we don’t like to see people trying to be stylish wearing shoes with no socks, particularly if we find out that they are not even using invisible socks! But there are specific circumstances in which it’s just better to forget about socks. It occurs when using socks is something completely useless.

It is summer and it’s extremely hot…logically using low quality socks can cause sweat and facilitate the proliferation of bacterias. You don’t really need to wear socks unless you want to protect your feet because your shoes are painfully scrubbing your feet.

But when such shoes are actually sandals or flip flops….it is simply too much!

Obviously you are not going to a romantic or to a business meeting (we hope so!), and you are surely not heading to a glamorous party.

The fact that you know that you don’t have to be stylish can actually drive you crazy and lead you to wear…white socks!

It’s funny but, for some reason, those who wear socks with sandals tend to go for white or beige.

What do you think you can express wearing this combo? What on heart do you think you are communicating other than awkardness?

We might sound brutal but this is a case in which we advice you not to wear socks and splurge on your trendy nude feet with no shame at all!

If you really worn sandals or flip flops with white or beige socks, do not hesitate to write to and attach a pic of yourself during this crazy moment. We will send you special discount code to make you feel better!


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